Heaven On Earth ( Jazz Band )


The origin of the name “ Heaven On Earth “ was began in YEAR 2000.
At that time several member of CHIC’S Music School’s teacher who were also the head of drums, guitars, bass and piano / keyboard faculty formed a quarted called “ CHIC’S ALL STARS “ Ossa Sungkar on drum, Ricky Nasution on guitar, Martin Lukman on Bass, and Andi Wiriantono on Piano were the members of this band.
Beside of “ INTERNAL “ events that was held in CHIC’S MUSIC such as : workshop, master classes, and other “ in house “ tutorials, this band also performed at
: audio video ( AUVI EXPO ) Exhibition in Jakarta Hilton Convention Centre ( JHCC ), Karawang ( west Java ) music festival and other major events that held in Jakarta Indonesia as the guest star artist.
In year 2001 for personal reason, Andi Wiryantono was signed out and replaced by Novi Rostian on piano / keyboard. This quartet continuing there debut by performed at “ Jazz Goes To Campus “ ( JGTC ) An Annual Jazz Festival that held in “ UNIVERSITAS INDONESIA “ one of the most prestigious university in Indonesia.

Entering Year 2002 Novi Rostiyan was replaced by Tedjo Bhayu on piano / Keyboards that in couple years latter together with Ossa Sungkar known as the “ Founding Father “ of Heaven On Earth. At the mean time, Amirous was requested to joint the band as the additional vocal. The band ( CHIC’S ALL STARS ) that now become a quintet continue on making their debut by performing at various jazz events such as a weekly jazz event that held in Ancol ( a jazz venue nearby the beach ) called Friday Jazz Night , and the guest artist for the west Java’s band Competition in Karawang.
Along The Year 2002 until the end of Year 2003, this band experiencing several changes on their players. Martin Lukman was replaced by Andreas Wahyudi ( a left handed bass player ) , and Indah was requested to joint the band as a second additional vocal. For that reason they agreed to changes “ CHIC’S ALL STARS “ to “ THE MUSICIAN “ as their brand new bands name. Since each member of THE MUSICIAN has their own personal project ( mostly as recording artist, season recording player, song writer, and other commercial studio’s gigs ). This “ SIX LINE UP MUSICIAN “ only had one time ” full team “ performance at the FRIDAY JAZZ NIGHT on request, before Ricky Nasution and Indah were sign out as a result of their tight schedule. Soon after they leaved the band Ayu was joined “ THE MUSICIAN “ as the replacement of Indah.
In order to strengthen their musical chemistry, along the year 2003 “ THE MUSICIAN “ has a lot live performances agenda “ .During their gigs, THE MUSICIAN “ brought out “ many kind of deferent musical genres especially many form of jazz such as funk, fussion, latin and sometime mainstream jazz, as their main root. Entering Year 2004, THE MUSICIAN has their most significant progress. Beside of their regular gigs and other commercial studio gigs, Tedjo Bhayu and Ossa Sungkar were came up with the idea to produce their own album. A master plan was setup. Tedjo Bhayu took the role as the executive producer while Ossa Sungkar with the assistant of Andreas Washyudi took the role for recruiting other musician who has the same mindset. Year 2004 also became the very firt time of using the name “ Heaven On Earth “ as their trademark.
Along the Year 2004 “ Heaven On Earth “ starting to compose their own song . Meanwhile Acil Asegaf was joined the band as the percussion player. Beside of their own composition inventorying process, “ Heaven On Earth “ kept on their “ stage to stage “ performances as the market trial of their own compositions.
By The Year 2005 , the first lineup musician of Heaven On Earth were formally formed. They are : Tedjo Bhayu ( Piano, Keyboards, also the executive producer ), Ossa Sungkar ( Drum and artist management ), Andreas Wahyudi ( Bass ), and Acil Asegaf ( Percussion ). They started to record their own composition at C-Pro Record and as an independent self financing artist they kept on their “ stage to stage promotion “. This Heaven On Earth Quartet, had the opportunity to performed at the Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta Hilton Convention Centre ( JHCC ) that is considered as one of the largest annual Jazz festival in Indonesia. After their first debut to performed their own composition for the entire show, Imam Fatur was joined the band as guitar player. Beside of his contribution as an Heaven On Earth member, Imam Fatur also took up the role as the Haven On Earth CD distributor under his own distributor company ( I Production ). Soon after Imam Fatur joined the band, Boy Calement Rattamila also joined the band as the vocalist.
Along the Year 2005 – 2006, Heaven On Earth has it officially “ six lineup “ musicians . They are: Tedjo Bhayu ( Piano / Keyboard ) , Ossa Sungkar ( Drum ) , Imam Fatur ( Guitar ) Boy Calament Rattamila ( Vokal ) and Acil Asegaf ( Percussion ). At the beginning of Year 2006, the master plan that was setup in Year 2004 by Tedjo Bhayu and Ossa Sungkar both as the founding father of Heaven On Earth is accomplish. After the long year of recording, mixing and mastering finally the first album of “ HEAVEN ON EARTH “ ( MUSICAL JOURNEY ) that consist of their 11 composition was released on the 15th of August 2006 with the help of Imam Fatur who also a member of Heaven On Earth, their CD was distributed nationally in Indonesia. It used to be available at the majors and well known CD stores.
Since their launching album in 15th of August 2006 Heaven On Earth has “ self organizing “ their promotion scheduled. It covered several radio interviews, regular performances at Indonesian Jazz Communities and appearing in to largest Indonesia Jazz Festival : JAK JAZZ 2006 and JAVA JAZZ 2007. At the present time their 11 composition are also available for free download trough their website at www.heavenonearhjazz.com


As the time goes by, ( from Year 2004 until 2006 ) Tedjo Bhayu and Ossa Sungkar found out that they have had enough on “ Exploring “ this six line up musician of Heaven On Earth. As the founding father and the master mind behind this project, both of them need some fresh ideas. Therefore after the mutual agreement among all members of Heaven On Earth, since in the middle of Year 2007 this six line up players of Heaven On Earth officially dispersed.

It was in the gathering of CHIC’S MUSIC JAZZ SOCIATY when Tedjo Bhayu and Ossa Sungkar were met by accident with their old fellow of young talented and skill full bass player named Franky Sadikin. Since it was a “ free jam session “ occasion, Tedjo Bhayu , Ossa Sungkar and Franky Sadikin din not waste their time and jump up to the stage for the ultimate on the spot jamming. Amazingly this trio has found their most desirable musical chemistry at once !! It’s like the “ love at the first sight “. Soon after this moment, the three of them setup the routine rehearsal agenda in order to strengthen their musical chemistry and to achieve a profound knowledge on each of their musical ideas and taste.

Same as the first Heaven On Earth Project during the year 2004 to 2006, this “ new musical concept “ of Heaven On Earth has planed on producing their second album that the recording process is still on progress until the present time ( Year 2010 ). From Year 2008 trough Year 2010 this trio has been performing on several large and prestigious Indonesian Jazz Event such as The 30th Anniversary Of  Jazz Goes To Campus ( JGTC ) one of the oldest Annual Jazz Festival held in Indonesian University Campus on Year 2007, Jakarta International Jazz Festival ( JAK JAZZ ) an annual Jazz Festival that was held during the same year of JGTC, JAK JAZZ 2008, SOLO CITY JAZZ November 2009, the 3rd Anniversary Of “ KOMUNITAS JAZZ CHIC / KJC “ ( monthly gathering of jazz society that held in chic’s music school ),  a live performance on Indonesian National  Television ( KLAB JAZZ TVRI ) in YEAR 2010 and many more “ on going “ events. For the moment, in order to promote their “ new musical concept “