In recent years, the jazz music world in Indonesia looks more cheerful. Perhaps this can be indicated by the return of the international jazz festival, namely ‘ Java Jazz International ’ in 2005 after being along absence. The resurgence of jazz music in Indonesia shows that jazz music never dies. There must be Indonesian jazz bands which exist. One of them in Heaven on Earth.

It was founded in 2003 by Ossa Sungkar (drum) and Tedjo Bhayu Adjie (piano/keyboard). Heaven on Earth had their debut by releasing their first album on August 15th 2006 which circulate nationally. This album is entitled ‘Musical Journey’. The main song at that time was ‘Forever In Love’. This group appeared several time as guest star in spectacular jazz festival such as Java Jazz International Festival, Jakarta Jazz International Festival, Jazz goes to campus University of Indonesia, Jakarta Jazz Communities, Friday Jazz Nite/Ancol etc.

In 2007 the two founders of Heaven On Earth had an idea to explore the music of Heaven On Earth so that the quality would be higher, braver and more experimental with fresh, brilliant and artistic idea. To achieve this obsession, there must be change in the formation.

In the same year, Franky Sadikin (bass, sequencing programmer) joined in the Heaven On Earth. Franky is a very talented jazz bassist, full of creative ideas and prossesses high technology.

The basic concept of Trio Heaven On Earth is progressive fusion jazz which is energetic, dynamic and improvisation oriented.

This trio formation began to discuss the new musical concept of Heaven On Earth with fresh music ideas. This happens from 2007 to the present time. In the meantime, the new formation also appeared in several jazz events such as Java Jazz International Festival, Jakarta Jazz International Festival, Jazz Goes to Campus University of Indonesia, Solo City Jazz, TVRI Jazz Club (special jazz event which broadcast nationally), Jazz Chic’s Community etc.

This formation also made a documentation of the process of recording of the new album (Metamorphosis) in a recording studio which was recorded in DVD form and was uploade in You Tube. (

The process of the second album (loading, mixing and mastering) was done  in EC3 Fajar Satritama Studio Jakarta with experienced sound engineer Bebi Subur.

On August 1st 2011 the second album of Heaven On Earth entitled ‘Metamorphosis’ was formally released all over Indonesia in cooperation with Demajors Music Independent as distributor.

Fresh ideas, bravery, freedom, the ability of playing high grade music can be felt in the whole composition of this album are:

  1. 1. Buenos Dias Mi Cielo (by Ossa Sungkar)

This composition present a unique, beautiful and dynamic format of rhythm in which the rhythm is constructed with the odd time signature foundation that uses the natural marimba sound. Here the whole members have the opportunity to express their technical music ability through a beautiful, fresh and brave improvisation. This composition is given a title in Spanish ‘Buenos Dias Mi Cielo’ which means ‘Good morning, my love’

  1. 2. Drum Overtune (by Tedjo Bhayu Adjie)

According to the composer, this Bhayu’s work is dedicated to the drummer Ossa Sungkar. That’s why this composition begins with a dynamic, groovy and high technology solo drum then it is continued with unison combination a musical notation played together among drum, piano and bass which is complicated but full of surprises. We can enjoy the keyboard improvisation of Tedjo Bhayu Adjie which snapping dynamic, full of pretty jazz melodies, high skill and high taste. It is continued with solo bass played by Franky Sadikin from rhythm drum and keyboard. Here we can enjoy a concept of groovy, ripping and high technique solo bass.

  1. 3. Song for Revina (by Franky Sadikin)

A nice, melodious and soft composition. This composition tells us about Franky’s lovely daughter and is dedicated to her. The music begin with the strains of soft piano rhythm and bass sound combination which is so touching at the interlude as if a father is expressing his affection to his beloved daughter, then it is continued with piano improvisation that increases the serenity of this composition.

  1. 4. Cheer, Tear and Fear (by Tedjo Bhayu Adjie)

A work of Tedjo Bhayu Adjie which tells us about cheer, tear and fear. These three psychological elements are often undergone by human being in many circumstances. This composition presents one aspect of a person. It begin with piano rhythm which represents a cheerful and energetic soul. The piano composition from Bhayu feels so unites with the ripping of Franky’s bass and the beat of Ossa’s drum. Bhayu uses odd time rhythm technique in expressing his rhythm section concept so that it sounds dynamic and energetic. In the interlude, there is solo piano which uses high jazz technique wrapped with odd time rhythm. When the graph of dynamic solo piano is getting to the climax, it is continued with mesmerizing attractive solo bass. At the end of it, Ossa appears playing a row of drum technique in a good solo drum composition wrapped with odd time rhythm plus piano sound played dynamically by Bhayu.

  1. 5. Camel Rider (by Tedjo Bhayu Adjie)

A composition of Bhayu’s work which tells us about a camel rider in the middle of hot desert. The music begins with a concept of solo drum played by Ossa sentimentally. Here we can hear a soft drum sound until energetic ripping sound, continued with improvisation from Bhayu who plays chord and comping beautifully as if making a dialogue with the drum; followed with Franky’s bass rhythm which produces annoying rhythm section.

  1. 6. Dark Cloud (by Franky Sadikin)

As a closing for this Metamorphosis album, it is presented a masterpiece of Franky, in which it tells us about very dark sky that full of black cloud as a sign there will be stormy rain soon. This composition presents Franky’s performance only without keyboard, piano or drum. Here we can how a single Franky explores his bass in such a way so that it can be a pretty work.

Besides presenting a new musical concept, we also put forward in this second album, an artistic cover CD design. This concept is the ides of Heaven On Earth which can beautifully be realized by a talented cover designer Cung Fajar.

By expressing thankfulness to The Almighty God concerning the release of Heaven On Earth’s new album, so welcome and enjoy one of the icons of the Indonesian jaz music generation Heaven On Earth through the album entitled Metamorphosis. May this album be the historical point of the development of Indonesian jazz music, and that it can be accepted by people of all walks of life. Amen